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I bought this experience for my husband's birthday and we both enjoyed it so much. Julia is super knowledgeable about Tate Modern and she has a very engaging way to explain contemporary abstract art. Her presence and explanation made our visit to Tate Modern so much more meaningful and memorable. It does not matter if you know little about the subject or you know a lot, Julia will show us a very different way to explain and show art, I will never look at abstract art the same way. Thank you so so so much!


I purchased this as a gift for my parents in law, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They said Julia was extremely knowledgable and taught them a lot in a short space of time. Thanks Julia!


Enlightening! Julia's tour is exactly what you need when you "just don't get" contemporary or modern art. She gives a broad perspective with regard to art history and personal development of artists, all the while picking you up at your personal starting point. I am more curious about contemporary and modern art now, thanks for that!


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I really enjoyed the art tour with Julia. I consider myself an art noob but I could follow what Julia was talking about with no problem. She is super knowledgeable and made the tour interactive so we were constantly thinking about the art and throwing questions back and forth. It was really fun and I recommend taking Julia's tour if you even have the slightest interest in art.


What a FANTASTIC experience! Julia is passionate about art and has the gift of story-telling as well. I'll never look at the old Dutch masters in quite the same way again. She pointed out details that may not be evident to the casual viewer and explained why that specific period in art was so important in art history. What was nice too is that she doesn't just "lecture" but engages you in conversation and observation -- you are encouraged to express what you see and ask questions and share your point of view. I'd highly recommend this experience.


I wish we could’ve spent the whole day with Julia. Her knowledge and her enthusiasm for the art made for a most interesting experience. I thought I knew a lot about classical paintings but she added an element that I had never even considered. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to explore the National Gallery.


Testimonials: Reviews

This was an outstanding tour. I’ve been to the national gallery a few times before and have taken the audio tour. But with Julia, you get a whole different perspective. She was knowledgeable and funny which made learning about some of the art interesting. If you’ve wanted to walk around the gallery and learn more about some of the paintings but you don’t know much about art (especially 17th-century artists) go on this experience. It’s great. Thanks, Julia!


Last year we went to Julia's Experience of Tate Modern, this year we joined her at the National Gallery. She really knows her subject, which in this case was European Painting, and we loved that she had an angle to it all- food. Highly recommend it if you want to learn something new about the art of the past.


Julia is very professional and extremely friendly. She offers us opportunity to pick our favourite gallery sections to start from and gives an insight into how to appreciate them. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in understanding contemporary art.


Testimonials: Reviews
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