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NEJA's Art Walks stands for the New Electrifying Journeys through Art. We are a London-based Educational Art project with a passion for storytelling. We run an extensive program of London Art Walks- ‘everything you ever wanted to know about art and more.’ 

Our goal is to show you fabulous art from a fresh angle, without any preconceived ideas. “Ask questions! Get excited! Let's talk about art in a way where no answer is too big, or too small, or too right, or too wrong!”is our motto. Instead of lecturing you using a list of dry biographical facts, we try to encourage you to trust your own eyes and instincts and think of art in a more personal way. 

We currently offer the guided Art Walks of the following London'a art galleries: Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the National Gallery, the Wallace Collection, as well as privately-owned and auction houses of Mayfair and East London. We also offer you a small number of exciting walking tours in the historical parts of London.

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