Journeys through

Hi, my name is Julia, I am a London-based art historian, award-winning photographer, freelance researcher and founder of NEJA's Art Walks.

While still doing my MA in London, I began training at the Tate Guides program and started to deliver free tours shortly after finishing my training. I then worked as an assistant researcher at Tate's Collection Research Department which gave me interesting insight into how the gallery's labels and online texts were written. 

I wrote my thesis about one of Tate's exhibition displays so I was basically spending all my time there, either researching, explaining contemporary art to visitors or just looking around. After my graduation, I decided to combine all of my passions and came up with the idea of Art Walks. I love art, walking around, researching art and storytelling in equal measure. That’s how the idea of NEJA's Art Walks was born.

I currently offer a wide range of Online Art Talks and a few Art and History London City Walks, please have a look at the Book Online section or send me an email and I will gladly answer any of your questions.


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